Sunday, March 22, 2015

Boyfriend – BOUNCE

Written By: Mallorie Herrera
Donghyun, Hyunseong, Jeongmin,
, Youngmin, Minwoo

Are you still uncomfortable around me?
Or are you just shy 'cause you like me
I can see it written on your face girl
You keep bitin' your lip, don't say a word

Tell me what do you have under your sleeve
I'll take out my cards just to find out
Time and luck will always be on my side
Show me your card

I'll bet everything on you
I'll risk everything even my life
This game is already started
Go ahead and raise a toast for me

I hope you enjoy the music (Let go)
(Boom Boom Boom)
My eyes only see you (Yeah, yeah)
(Boom Boom Boom)
My body yearns for you
Every body now, put your hands up

Let's bounce, come with me
Bounce, come with me
B-B-B-B-B-Bounce, come with me
Give yourself to me, bounce, come with me
(Bounce more, Bounce more)
Bounce, come with me
Bounce, come with me
B-B-B-B-B-Bounce, come with me
Give your all to me, bounce, come with me
(Bounce more, Bounce more)

Don't let your pride keep any feelin's for me
You can't pretend that you don't feel nothin' for me

'Cause I ain't stupid, I know that you've been lyin'
You don't have to be defensive

What are you so afraid of? Just trust in me
I'm tryin' to put myself in your heart, why you keep me out?
Come closer, so I can leave my, my mark deep in you

You know that pushin' and pullin' isn't really my game style
Call me and ambulance 'cause the sight of your stopped my heart

This is what my heart decided
And I know I won't regret this
I hope you feel the same way too
Go ahead and put your trust in me

This stage is only for you girl (Bounce)
(Boom Boom Boom)
Welcome to my own world (Yeah, yeah)
(Boom Boom Boom)
Are your ready for me?
Let's go, let's go, let's go


Trust yourself with me, no need to be scared
Give your all to me, don't hold back now~

Let me show you something new, WOW!

What you waitin' for? You know I'm ready girl
There's no need to be scared, because I'm right here
Just stay right by my side, never let go
I spit it like MGK, put your hands up, lace up

Come one baby just bounce to this
It's your boy B.F in the place to be
And we're not done with ya, not just yet
Listen to me, won't give up 'til I have your lovin', Hey!


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