Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Shinhwa (신화) – 표적 (Sniper)

Written By: Mallorie Herrera
Minwoo, Eric, Hyesung, Dong Wan, Andy, Jun Jin

BANG! At ya! BANG! Gotcha!
BANG! And my heart gets ya, gets ya blood boilin'

From the darkness 'round me your the only light I see
Don't want you to ever leave me, no~
Hey, won't you be my girl, you're so beautiful
No other word could describe ya

Yo! I could feel my heart racin' with every movement
(Ah~ Ah~) You're in my sight

I'm shootin' for your heart and no one sees me here
I only have one shot to get ya
You're already in sight and I'm takin' my aim
I can't risk a mistake being made

It seems like the has stopped, I'm holdin' my breath
Risking it all tonight
Squeeze, never pull the trigger, that's how I won't miss
You will be mine very soon

Imma sharp shooter, you're heart will be my own bull's eye
You can't escape me baby do-do-do-don't try

Once you are hit you're gonna be in a spell
You might as well let it take over ya, yeah
So close your eyes, take a deep breath and wait for it
Stop, BANG! - It's perfect

Hey, no need to be afraid, I'll protect you girl
Because you're the only one I want

You can run but you can't hide
'Cause I never miss any targets, you're already mine!


Faster than the lightening, you we get it poppin'
Superman ain't nothin' when it comes to shootin'
And no matter how hard you try our destiny will hit you like a bullet
Hear the gun shot (Brrrra!) I only need one

As I watch through my scope I, I see you
I feel like I can, can touch you

Shooting, shooting, shooting BANG! Shooting, shooting, shooting BANG!
I can't make a mistake
'Cause if I lose you then I'll never see the light~


You ain't easy but I'm lovin' the challenge
Nothin' will distract me from winnin' all your lovin'
So I won't move a muscle, even though I'm feenin' hard for ya
I'll patiently wait for you, even for 50 years
(I'm a sniper for your love)
I won't miss 'cause I'm the best sniper when it comes to the game of love
Might as well enjoy whats about to happen
Time has seemed to stop, I'm holdin' in my breath
I gotta remember to squeeze, not pull

I'm a sniper for your love

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